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The Artisans

Our Story

About Us

Sourcing our beans directly from the farmers ensures them the right pay to guarantee sustainability as well as the quality of the crops. Located by the lakes in Copenhagen, we roast our specialty coffee in-store in small batches, allowing us to provide fresh coffee for you every day! With our state-of-the-art equipment, anyone can try our preferred roast profiles – be it light, medium, or dark – or even try to develop your own personal roast just how you like it.


Specifically selected Specialty coffee, directly sourced and imported.


Carefully roasted every day for the specific brewing process.


Perfected brewing recipes for each coffee profile.

Our Mission

Specialty coffee; directly sourced, carefully roasted, distinctfully extracted.. and so much more!

Our mission is to share our passion for coffee in a responsible manner. Ensuring the quality of our coffee all the way from its source in the farms until it ends up on our customer’s cup. We also focus on a careful roasting process to extract the hidden aromas inside the bean.

Director, Coffee production specialist

Jose Antonio Canseco

From Peru, Jose brings the tradition and direct relationship with our local coffee farmers.

Director, barista and profile control

Kim Jeppesen

From Denmark, Kim brings the Scandinavian quality assurance and profile control to the café.


Our approach to the café concept is to be hands-on with all processes. This includes sourcing the coffee beans directly from the farmers, roasting them in the café, and finally, carefully brewing to ensure the extraction of all the delightful aromas hidden in our specialty coffee.