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Where is our coffee from?

Sourcing the right bean

Today was a happy day for our Coffee Specialist, Jose!

We received our first large batch of coffee beans from a farm in Peru. After many samples, we were very satisfied with the Encañada bean from the Rioja region. This arabica bean is grown at 1300 meters above sea level which ensures the perfect conditions for it to grow slowly. You will notice the bean’s significant size, which is much smaller than average beans, but much denser. The acidity level is just right for a universal bean that works perfectly for both espresso as well as filter coffee.


By sourcing directly from the farmer, Dionicio Aguilar, we can ensure that he is getting the right price for these hand picked beans. This allows him and his team to spend the required time nourishing and letting the berries grow until they are just ripe enough for picking. Ensuring coffee farmers are not being underbid by huge importers is one of our key principles.

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