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Finetuning our signature coffee


We are fine tuning our coffee profiles to get all of the sweet aromas out of our directly imported coffee beans. Our current bean, which is directly sourced by our very own Jose, is the Peruvian Encañada, which you can read more about here.

When we roast, we try to maintain a steady profile and avoid any inconsistencies, as our goal is to serve you with a 7 days fresh bean, any day you visit our store. From our experience, at this point in time, the bean has rested enough to release the gasses that allow the rich and deep nuances in the flavour profile.


Through countless cuppings – the method used to taste and compare coffee aromas – we have found not one, but two perfect “sweet spots” for our Encañada: One as a light/medium profile for our pour over coffee and a medium/dark roast for our espresso based drinks.

Come and taste!

We are still making the last fine tunings and for that, we need your help! Stop by the café for a free sample of the current profiles and let us know just how you would prefer your coffee.