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Innovative drinks

We love coffee, in ANY way. And therefore we never stop experimenting with what we can do with all the nice flavors hidden in the bean. We get our bread and pastry from Bageriet Brød, simply because their croissants and sour doughs are irresistible.

We care a lot about our classic black coffee, which we brew upon request, so you won’t get a filter coffee that is several hours old. Our espresso is bright and full of bright notes, yet perfect for milk-based drinks as well.

Our uniqueness really comes to play in our signature Coffee Drinks; The Artisans. Here we use our home-brewed Ginger Ale which has fermented for 3 days, to minimize alcohol content, yet provide an explosion of flavors. The Fermentation compliments the tonic water in our espresso tonic super well, to give the drink slightly more complexity. In our Coffee Mimosa, it is the main component together with our Cold Drip Coffee, which is dripping over 12 hours, for a pleasant yet intense coffee flavor with no bitterness what-so-ever.

At last, we offer our take on a summer drink: Shakerato Latte, where we shake up a double shot of espresso with a homemade aromatic mixture packed with flavors. We then foam up our milk, to increase the volume and hereby avoid diluting the flavor of the shakerato.