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Last months Mentions by Mit Nørrebro and København Liv

The Local Newspapers of Nørrebro and Copenhagen Life stopped by and interviewed us about our concept. Read what they had to say about the Artisan Experience in the “5 new specialty cafés” and “taking coffee brewery to new heights“.

Finetuning our signature coffee

Roasting We are fine tuning our coffee profiles to get all of the sweet aromas out of our directly imported coffee beans. Our current bean, which is directly sourced by our very own Jose, is the Peruvian Encañada, which you can read more about here. When we roast, we try to maintain a steady profile and avoid any inconsistencies, as… Read More »Finetuning our signature coffee

Where is our coffee from?

Sourcing the right bean Today was a happy day for our Coffee Specialist, Jose! We received our first large batch of coffee beans from a farm in Peru. After many samples, we were very satisfied with the Encañada bean from the Rioja region. This arabica bean is grown at 1300 meters above sea level which ensures the perfect conditions for… Read More »Where is our coffee from?