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The Artisan Café

Single Estate Coffee roasted for your preference and brewed on the most innovative equipment available.
Discover the next wave in the coffee landscape and check out our menu to see what new recipes we have to offer.

Personal Roast

At The Artisan, you can have your preferred coffee roasted exactly how you like it. May that be light, medium, or even a full dark city roast, we will roast it on your request. It takes approximately 12 minutes to roast your batch of coffee, and in the meantime, you can sit back or supervise the roast process while enjoying one of our special roast profiles.

Our Menu

Discover our innovative take on what a coffee menu can look like. From specialty pour over and exquisite espresso drinks to delicious cocktails and cold beverages!

Flair Espresso

Take control of your coffee experience at home with the affordable Flair Espresso Lever Machine.
Real espresso has never been easier – nor better.

Flair 58

Take your espresso to new heights with the newest in Manual Espresso Lever machines. Pull professional-grade espresso shots at home with minimum effort.