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  1. Pre-heat the water reservoir filling a bowl with boiled water, or for the pro, place it on the mat and fill it up
  2. Grind your coffee and prepare it in the portafilter using either the doser or the tamper.
    Important! Make sure to use a proper grinder with conical or flat burrs!
  3. Put the metal screen on top of the portafilter and place it in the Flair Lever Machine
  4. Remove the reservoir from the water and make sure to empty it for water, and place it onto the portafilter


  1. Fill the reservoir with water all the way to the top
  2. Pull the lever down and start applying just a little pressure to pre-wet the coffee for about 10 sec.
    This allows for gasses in the coffee to start being released, which is important for a full extraction
  3. Now apply 6-9 bar pressure and watch the beautiful stream of espresso being poured into your cup.
    If you have to apply more than 9 bar pressure to achieve any flow of coffee, it means your grind setting was too fine.
    If you cannot reach 6 bar pressure it means your grind setting was too coarse.
  4. The total extraction time excluding the pre-wet time should be around 25-30 sec. for a proper espresso.

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